Optional Extras

The VXMMI 4  Double Din Satnav system features allow for a number of optional add-ons, which further enhance the headunits by adding new and exclusive features such as Headrest Monitors, Reverse Camera, DVBT Digital TV. Visit our How To Purchase section for details on how to order these optional extras.


GPS Sat Nav Map SoftwareGPS Navigation Software
A complete door to door, turn by turn GPS Navigation solution, equipped with detailed map coverage and many other useful features:

UK & Ireland Maps  or  Europe Maps available.



Digital Tv Radio Tuner
Watch digital freeview channels and radio stations with crystal clear reception, just like viewing at home



Parking Sensors
Reverse with ease and navigate into tight parking spaces using an accurate on screen display of distance remaining in meters, proximity bars and audible beep.



Reverse Camera
Reverse with a live visual display which will automatically come on when you select reverse gear or have the rear camera turned on at any time from the menu

**Please note – the image shown is only displayed when both the parking sensors and camera are installed. ~If only the camera is installed the VXMMI will only display a camera image excluding the proximity bars and distance


Headrest Monitors
Entertain the kids with our headrest monitors. The VXMMI Doube Din system has smart multi tasking capabilities which allows dual zone functionality. The front passengers can listen to the radio or gps while the rear passengers can watch uninterrupted dvd tv using earphones